Victoria home
New Home Construction from design to completion near Mayfair Mall in Victoria. The design took in proximity to setbacks and use of existing footprint of 100 year house to achieve 2000 sq. ft.

01 Plan Elevation.png02 Plan Foundation.png03 Plan 1st Level.png03 Plan 2nd level.png04 Plan Elevation New.png05 3D Rendering.png06 3D rendering.png07 3D rendering.png08 xcavation1.jpg09 foundation forms.JPG10 stone slinger4.jpg11 drainage 1.jpg12 P9031526.JPG13 P9031529.JPG22 front sheathed.png23 living room drywalled.jpg24 PC122316.JPG25 PC122313.jpg26 PC142340.JPG27 stairs beams2.jpg