Design and Layout by Pacific Coast Build. Design by Innovation.
Hand drawn and computer-aided design (CAD) are specialties of Pacific Coast Build. The use of skilled talents and software allows for greater design flexibility and eases any desired changes. We specialize in superior original design plans.

07 3D rendering.png07 Picture 7.pngdesign_elevation.jpg08 Picture 8.pngDECK_design.jpg09 Picture 9.pngDECK_design2.jpg10 Picture 11.png11 Picture 15.pngPage_1_psd.jpg12 Picture 24.pngbanff_sprawled.jpg13 Picture 34.pngbanff_sprawled_2nd.jpg14 Picture 47.pngbanff_sprawled_1st.jpgbanff_sprawled_roof.jpg20x20_prints_bkgd.jpg17 garage .pngBuck_Lake_w_basement_2.jpg